Based on various sources such as Bilam’s prophecy and Isaiah 11:1, Israel will be named ‘Ets HaShalom,’ ‘עץ השלום,’ ‘Tree of HaShalom,’ with a standard Gematria of 541 equal to “ישראל” (Israel). Its ordinal Gematria becomes 111, which is the full-name Gematria of “Alef.” The new ccTLD and ISO Alpha 2 will become ‘EH.’ The new ISO Alpha 3 becomes ‘EHS’ corresponding to ‘עלכם השלום,’ (Gematria 541), meaning, “Peace be upon you.”

Ets HaShalom - עץ השלום - Tree of HaShalom

This platform exhibits various sources prophesying that Israel (ישראל), will be named ‘Ets HaShalom, ‘עץ השלום,’ ‘Tree of HaShalom.’ According to the Talmud in Shabbat 10b, “HaShalom,” is one of God’s names; HaShalom connotes ‘The Completion’ or ‘The Peace.’ Unfortunately, some theological scholars have misinterpreted this event as the “destruction of Israel,” when in fact, Jerusalem’s border will expand and replace Israel’s border. Nonetheless, concurrently, Jerusalem’s name will be changed to ‘Ir HaShalom,’ ‘עיר השלום,’ ‘City of HaShalom.’

Gematria (Numerical Value)

The standard gematria of ‘עץ השלום’ (Ets HaShalom) is equal to “ישראל” (Israel), namely, 541. However, Ets HaShalom’s ordinal gematria is 111, which is the full-name Gematria of “Alef,” and its achbi gematria becomes 913, equal to the standard Gematria of “Bereshit” (Genesis). The word ‘עץ’ (Ets; Tree) appears for the first time in Torah in Bereshit (Genesis) 1:11.

541: 5+4+1=10

The first 10 letters of Torah in Bereshit, “בראשית ברא א” ‘At the beginning created Alef’ have a total ordinal Gematria of 100, and an achas beta gematria of 541. At the same time, the 100th “prime number” and the 10th “star number” are 541 (the 7th star prime).

Note: The standard gematria of ‘Ets HaShalom’ + ‘Ir HaShalom’ = 1202, equal to ‘At the beginning created God’ (בראשית_ברא_אלהים=1202=עיר_השלום+עץ_השלום) Also, 1202 = Torah (תורה) 611 + Prophets (נביאים) 113 + Writings (כתובים) 478  > Tanakh (תנ”ך)

Prophecy of Bamidbar 24:17

A star rises from Jacob; A staff will rise out of Israel,

דרך כוכב מיעקב וקם שבט מישראל

Prophecy of Isaiah 11:1

And there shall come forth a twig out of the trunk — where Gods’ presence is — to generate fruitfulness from its root.

ויצא חטר מגזע יש י ונצר משרשיו יפרה

Note: The commonly transliterated word “Ishai” (ישי) can also be read as ‘yesh Yud,’ (יש י) ‘there is Yud’ (God),’ or ‘Yud Shai,’ (י שי) ‘God’s present.’

Prophecy of Isaiah 11:10

On that day, the root — being God’s present, arises as a sign upon His people — thereto shall the nations seek, and its abode shall be honored.

והיה ביום ההוא שרש י שי אשר עמד לנס עמים אליו גוים ידרשו והיתה מנחתו כבוד

A Short Explanation on the Prophecies

In the well-known prophecy of Balaam, the “star” refers to the new name of Jerusalem as elaborated in ‘Ir HaShalom,’ with a standard gematria of 661— the first superstar prime and 8th star prime number — equal to Esther (star). Jacob (יעקב‎), which is a feminine aspect, originates from the Hebrew root Ekev (עקב), “heel,” or the bottom of a body. In this constellation, Jacob refers to the “Heel” of that “Tree” and the bottom of Earth, respectively.

Indeed, the bottom of Earth, the lowest point of 1414 feet (431 meters) below sea level, is located in Israel. The platform ‘YAM HAKHAIM’ elaborates on the uniqueness of Yam HaMelakh (The Salt Sea), as one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, with its remarkable microbial life — essential for the wellbeing of humanity (see ‘SOIL MICROBIOME’).

“A staff will rise out of Israel” refers to Israel’s role as a trunk of that tree (‘Trunkutility’). In this constellation, the tree is symbolized by the seven pipes of the Menorah, representing the seven continents (‘SEVEN BRANCH TREE’). It commands the Jewish people to light up the world (‘LetmyPeopleLight’).

In this sense, Isaiah affirms the presence of God in Jerusalem (the trunk). He highlights the significance of the root of that trunk, referring to the microbial life of Yam HaMelakh for the flourishing of all the people.

ISO Alpha 2 and ccTLD

Ets HaShaloms’ ccTLD and ISO Alpha 2 becomes ‘EH,’ which reflects different abbreviations. The standard gematria of ‘עה’ ‘EH’ is 75, equal to ‘יהודים’ ‘Yehudim’ (Jews). In Bereshit 12:1, God commands the first Jew, Abrahm: “Go forth from your native land and from your father’s house to the land that I will show you.” At the age of 75 years, Abrahm sets out on his journey to the Promised Land. Abrahm, the first ‘Tsionist,’ was born in the Jewish Calendar year 1948. The modern state of Israel was reborn in the Gregorian calendar year 1948, and Israel will become ‘Ets HaShalom’ after its 75th anniversary in 2023.

ISO Alpha 3

Ets HaShaloms ISO Alpha 3 becomes ‘EHS’ ‘ע ה ש,’ which is also the abbreviation of “עלכם השלום,” with equal standard gematria of 541, and it means “Peace be upon you,” “عَلَيْكُمُ السَّلَام.” Whereby the missing letter “Yud” of “עלכם” (upon you) corresponds to the “Yud” added to Hosea’s name, changing it from “Hosea” to “Yahoshua” (“God will save”), akin to the “Yud” that will transform David’s Name in Hebrew from דוד (DVD) to דויד (DVYD)as explain in DVYD.

The New Flag

The letter Alef becomes the new flag of ‘Ets HaShalom.’ It represents the real “Shield of David” ‘מָגֵן דָּוִד‎’ (Magen David) as explained in ‘DVYD.’ The platform ‘OUR ALEF’ elaborates on the missing Alef from Golah (confinement) to Geulah (redemption) principle.

The Secret Code of Redemption (PaCod; פקד)

Based on Midrash Tanchuma, Shemot 24:1, a secret code for redemption was given to Abrahm and passed through the sons, Isaac and Jacob, down to Josef. Bereshit 50:24 states that Josef shared this secret code “PaCod Yifkod” (פקד יפקד; “He will surely remember”) with his brothers. Josef’s niece, Serah, the daughter of Asher, was able to identify Moses based on the code mentioned in Shemot 3:16: “PaCod Pakadeti” (פקד פקדתי; “I have surely remembered”). (Please see also ‘MOSHIAH‘)

Today’s Secret (pa)Code of Redemption: Israel Country Code 972

The standard gematria of the combination of the two codes mentioned in the Torah, “PaCod + Pakadeti and YifKod” (“פקד + פקדתי + יפקד”) is 972. That number is today’s Israel Country Code. Given that 972 is ‘Israel’s International Calling Code,’ does this phenomenon suggest God’s Call on the International Community? 

Offer on the International Community

Based on hidden layers of the Torah, which likens the globe to a giant tree comprising branches, the platform ‘SEVEN BRANCH TREE’ and ‘TRUNKUTILITY’ elaborate on the proposed opportunity for humankind, which they need to accept or reject.

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